'Resident Friendly' Approach Sought for Croydon Road Recreaction Ground Events

Listening team member Chris Phillips with Kelsey & Eden Park ward 
councillor, Chrstine Harris
Conservatives in Beckenham have been working with council officers and event organisers to reduce disruption caused by events held on Croydon Recreaction Ground and are calling for a more 'resident friendly' approach to be taken by organisers. 

The Conservatives welcome the events, which bring benefits to the local area and support local businesses in the area. However following complaints from residents, and a petition by residents on Village way, Kelsey and Eden Park ward councillor, Christine Harris has raised the issue with council officers, who are investigating. Councillor Harris has also informally approached event organisers to suggest ways in which disruption could be reduced, such as only having one stage at a forthcoming event instead of the proposed two. 

The issue was also been raised with the Clock House ward Conservative Listening Team by residents in the surrounding roads such as Durban Road. 

Councillor Christine Harris commented "While I realise these events are popular with many Beckenham residents we must also take into account of the noise issue for residents living close to the park. These events are a benefit to the area and we don't want to lose them, but we also need to ensure residents are not disrupted. I look forward to a practical solution being found to ensure these popular events continue with a more resident friendly approach". 

Clock House Listening Team Member Chris Phillips added "The recreaction ground is for everyone to enjoy. The ground hosts a number of events and it is a great use of the community asset but we need to make sure that residents living around the ground do not suffer unnecessary inconvenience. I'm very grateful for Christine for taking the issue up with officers".