Conservatives Reveal Plans to Give Crystal Palace Park New Life

Conservative-run Bromley Council has revealed its plans to transform Crystal Palace park, restore the Victorian subway, protect the Dinosaurs, as well as build a new culture venue.

The plans, which would be funded by building 200 new homes just off Crystal Palace park aim to breathe new life into the park while celebrating its past and by doing so would increase visitors to park, which would benefit local businesses in Penge & Anerley.

The news follows Bromley Councils commitment to invest £3.141m in restoring the Victoria subway – one of the most popular attractions of Open House weekend across London. Additionally, last year work completed from £2.5 million worth of improvements to the park, which included a new cafĂ©, improved skatepark and restoration of some of the Dinosaurs –funded jointly by Bromley Council, Historic England and City Hall.

Campaigner, Tom Capon, welcomed the news saying: “Crystal Palace park is a local asset that needs to be protected. Growing up locally I visited the park and its dinosaurs and loved it, now I take my family to enjoy it and want them to be able to do the same with their kids. The subway itself is hugely popular at open house weekend, so restoring it and opening a new culture venue is a fantastic way to celebrate the area’s rich history and support local businesses”.

Peter Morgan, Executive Councillor for Recreation, Renewal & Housing said “We have been anxious for many years to improve Crystal Palace Park.  The subway proposal is one of the first major projects for which we have found funding and if the current planning application is approved, we will be able to raise the money to make many further improvements in the park.  The Crystal Palace Community Trust is assisting us very considerably with these plans.