Albemarle Road Traffic Scheme to stay for 18 months

Beckenham Conservative Councillor, Michael Tickner, has welcomed the decision of Bromley Council’s Environment Committee to continue the experimental traffic measures on Albemarle Road for another 18 months.

The three councillors for Copers Cope ward, which includes Albemarle Road, recently ran their own survey asking residents their views. The survey asked five questions – as opposed the official consultation asking only two. The survey received over 500 responses with a response rate of 16.4%. Responses from people outside the area were not included.


The results of the survey showed the majority of respondents:


  • Wanted the traffic measures to stay in place.

  • Wanted one-way traffic on the Westgate hump-back bridge to continue, and of these the majority wanted have one way traffic South (as present) running from The Avenue into Albemarle Road.


Councillor Tickner presented the outcome of the Councillors’ survey to the Environment Committee on 11th March at the same time as council officers presented the outcome from their consultation.  On Westgate Bridge, the committee supported the local councillors’ recommendation.


The Committee decided to recommend leaving the scheme in place for the present time and re-introducing two-way traffic on an experimental basis in Albemarle Road between junctions at Westgate Road and St Georges Road.


The three Copers Cope Ward Councillors concluded that opinions are very evenly split.  However, there is a majority wishing to continue to have one way traffic over the Bridge and a large majority wishing to have one way traffic South (as present).  The conclusion of the Committee was that Bromley Council should save further taxpayers’ money and leave arrangements on Westgate Bridge as they are, perhaps with enhanced signage. The Committee also recommended that the scheme be reviewed again within 18 months so that post-lockdown traffic can be measured, and residents’ views re-evaluated.


Traffic engineers were asked to do more work on changing traffic priorities at the junctions of Albemarle Rd – St Georges Rd and at Westgate Rd – Albemarle Rd.  Parking in the southern end of Westgate Road is to be revised with a view to reducing traffic congestion.


Councillor Tickner welcomed the committee’s support for the local councillors’ survey, saying:

“I am pleased that residents’ views have now been heard and properly evaluated. The scheme has helped resolve traffic conflict on Westgate Bridge, and let us hope that in the summer more cyclists will make use of the generous cycle lane along Albemarle Road.


“For those understandably angry with the temporary scheme, and the way it was put in under the direction of the present Mayor of London – without consultation – there is a good chance that in 18 months’ time it could be removed or further modified.


“The committee will keep the scheme under review so that when traffic returns to pre-lockdown levels we can better see how it is working.”

A full report on the survey can be downloaded below.